When you open the upper part of Luu Table you can transform it into a blackboard and write there with chalk; you can also use the upper part to display your drawings and photos.


Inside in the Luu Table box is possible to store - kinetic or normal sand, books, paint and colouring materials, small toys, create doll houses or make race car tracks, etc.

transparent plastic board

An extra bonus is the transparent plastic board. It can be used for copying drawings, drawing with marker pens, creating an environment for your toys, and it also can be used for making sand drawings.

reliable desk

A closed Luu Table is a reliable desk that can also be used to place a tablet or phone if needed, for example, to re-draw something.


The Luu Table has a table-mounted key that will secure the position of the lifting board in an open or closed position, thereby increasing the safety of use for preschool children, while offering pupils a personal shelf / safe that can only be accessed by its owner.

paper roll

Luu Table has a built in paper roll, which helps to maintain a clean environment and also lets the kids draw on the paper roll if desired.

water dish holders

On the right hand side LuuTable has small compartments/ boxes, who are stationery and a water dish holders and ensure the storage stability of these items, as well as the ability to store stationery and other small items/ toys.

adjustable table height

Adjustable table height makes it useful for ages 3 to 10!


technical specifications

Simple Luu Table foot frame and fastening solutions, combined with original design, ensure the table's durability and stability during active use. Because of these features, it can serve even several generations, if necessary, while meeting the widest design requirements.

35x50cm blackboard
made of Northern birch
Unique and safe designs
Durable construction
easy to assemble
Transparent plastic surface


Oval Oak Board Stand
16 €

Oval oak board stand.

Board distancers
9.5 €

Distancers for Luu Table acrylic boards.

Oak whales board stand
16 €

Oak whales board stand

Drawing paper roll
3.85 €

The real dream of a young artist - 30 meters of drawing paper. Take your pens or watercolors, roll the paper and go!

Click & Go Portable Water Cup
4.20 €

This cup is made with a non-slip material and is ideal for placing in Luu Table small boxes, where it will provide extra security to prevent the cup from falling

22 €

Colorful – ecological drawing chalks in the shape of vegetables, fruit and berries.